Important note: Built for WordPress 3.0!

Chateau is a lightweight & minimalistic WordPress 3.0 Theme. It’s build with pure XHTML/CSS. No images or javascript whatsoever!
It focuses on getting the content delivered in a fast and elegant way.

The creation of Chateau consumed a lot of time and effort.
Nonetheless, it’s super affordable. Get it for just 0.99 USD.

Who ‘s the creator of Chateau?

Hi! My name is Ignacio Ricci and I’m a 23 year old designer & developer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina :)
You can checkout my portfolio on my website.

What makes Chateau so cool

Chateau is cool for many reasons…

  1. It’s lightweight and fast.
  2. It’s beautiful. The design is nice and simple, but it sure looks great. The star of the show is the lovely type Garamond.
  3. It’s cross-browser (Succesfully tested on: Internet Explorer [6/7/8], Firefox [2/3], Opera [9/10], Safari [2/3/4] & Google Chrome)
  4. It’s easy to customize. Chateau has some tricks up its sleave. You can:
    • Edit the header default image & the header image for each post or page.
    • Widget-ready.
    • Custom menu. Build the top menu how you really want.
    • Custom avatar.
  5. It looks great on paper and iPhones! Built with a special css file for print and iPhone, Chateau looks awesome in any platform.
  6. It’s super affordable. You can get Chateau for just 0.99 USD!

Contact Information

For any problems/help/suggestions please get in touch with
me at: nacho[at]

Additional Information

Built on Starkers Theme by Elliot Jay Stocks
The Default image was taken and belongs to Gilles92
The About image was taken and belongs to albany_tim

What’s next?

I’m planning to make an upgrade on Chateau called “Chateau Fluid”.
I guess the name already gives you a hint. The layout will be 100% fluid to give it more versatility. Stay tunned!

Enjoy the theme ;)
Ignacio [a.k.a Nacho] Ricci.